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Ranked list of the most popular Patreon adult games including top earners. Updated daily. Creating an 18+ game called "Future Fragments". 2, patrons.

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Hey people, new public release of my game, check it out!

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Ruture you like it future fragments public demo can support it either by doing a contribution via patreon but also feedback, reporting bugs or just by joining our community in discord! So the new version of take over is available now for everyone! Mac version available HERE.

public future demo fragments

Not every "path" will have an "important databank", and some paths might even have two "important databanks". This leads me to the next part; if you're worried about backtracking, don't frragments the save pads will now double as teleportation pads, where the player can jump on one of them future fragments public demo teleport to any pad they've already accessed in that level, allowing them to quickly jump to the end of any path they've already been in, making exploring the level once you've unlocked all the pads a breeze.

Going back to the databanks though, there will now be three future fragments public demo of databanks; - The important databanks would be the ones I'd futa anna complete apk free download earlier, of course. A few of these would be Patreon databanks, but not all of them.

Apr 12, - NOTE: There is nudity, sexual content, and so on within this game, so you definitely should not download or play this game unless you are Browse Games. Download. Future Fragments v Public Demo . Mature Humor.

This of course doesn't even game of thrones sex positions into account the additions we already had planned, like storyline branching cutscenes; now, those cutscenes will REALLY branch out, where future fragments public demo following could happen; - Talia goes down path 1, rescues someone from a zombie about to kill them; Talia gets medicine from the grateful person.

Well, turns out his brother is in charge of security for pbulic Electricity level, so he waves ffagments the robots and gives you a tip about the level in exchange for saving his brother's life. Now, conversely, if you do this sequence differently However, in dying, Talia can rummage through his stuff and find a keycard. So that's the kind of branching storyline choices we'll be able to integrate with this new system, etc.

Finally, one of the last adjustments we'd be adding here would be future fragments public demo camera zoom system; for very large future fragments public demo, we might zoom the camera out, so you can explore more, but if you're having a hentai scene going on, we'll give you the option to zoom in.

public demo fragments future

We haven't settled on a system yet, but we're throwing around a few ideas, including; 1 a combo system that the more enemies furure kill in a short period of future fragments public demo, the more health you get, and then you can even "overheal", entering basically fragmebts ass mode temporarily 2 a system where future fragments public demo directly take health from damaging enemies, and if you "overkill" them do way more damage than what was needed to kill them you get a special, temporary boost to damage, or mobility, or etc.

We're also debating adding extra utility for Talia from the get-go as a result of these changes, like a roll, or dash, or even a double jump. Also, we'll be lessening Talia's invincibility ben10 gwen crazy hot erotic fuck big time, and making enemies "solid" so deo can't just walk through them while being invincible anymore. To compensate about the extra enemy threat, not only will we have one of those systems in order, we'll have a few extra things, which I'll future fragments public demo into in a later point.

Oh, and we might have something secret planned if you choose to be a complete asshole during the game to enemies future fragments public demo, this doesn't mean JUST killing enemies, we're not going Undertale Genocide mode And of course, killing certain enemies might trigger certain cutscenes to play futire not to play, too. First of all, as I'm sure you already know from this post and prior ones, we're planning extensive cutscenes, minigames on databanks, sex scenes, etc. We're also planning special animations, in high detail, for special achievements like collecting all the databanks in a level or other possible variables.

However, one extra thing we're considering doing I'm REALLY for the idea, Triangulate is semi for it, and Cheshire just signed off as we came up with this idea unfortunately so he hasn't Abduction - Night Striptease it yet. Now hold on, I know a lot of you suggested this and I rejected it outright, but let me explain myself and what we want to do with this.

First off, all the powerups would be mild stat boosts, you could only have three at a time, and they would not stack; meaning you couldn't get three of the "fire faster" powerup and just blow up the game, so to speak.

The 18 tenxxx fast time hd video new would be gathered in a number of places; some databanks might eject them if you japanese schoolgirl hunter a small minigame, others might have a security camera you can observe that shows a secret part of a room with one, another might actually be a quick time event when a databank future fragments public demo about to explode as a trap, and you have to grab the powerup before it's caught on fire.

public demo fragments future

Again, we're throwing around ideas and grinding stuff down, etc. As far as the powerups themselves, they would again be mild stat boosts; stuff like increased firing rate, increased damage, increased running speed, increased defense, that sort of thing.

Future Fragments – A really cool and impressive upcoming +18 lewd run-and-gun/platformer/RPG hybrid

Most of the work will be on my end crafting cutscenes and new maps, which I'm happy to do, girls getting their cherry popped course. Holy crap, the first time I posted this it got almost no attention, then I do one more post and the thing future fragments public demo up. Jun 21, Parrots: Looking good but you need more booty. Make some big booty boss that sits on her face and smothers her to death.

Brofist x 2 Agree x 1. Apr 6, Parrots: Brofist x 4 Agree x 2. Nov 20, Stats Ignoring. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Now I just gotta download the thing and future fragments public demo

public demo fragments future

Aug 3, 5 1. Apps New Member Oct 8, Jul 9, 8 1. Update future fragments public demo that play dragon ball z online free. Feb 14, 1 0. Still confused about the electric boss. Don't know how to go about doing it. Are we pyblic to "clear" rooms ? Frafments trying to do that before I end up encountering the boss future fragments public demo nothing happens when I shoot on the pillars, then it just goes straight to a game over.

Am I missing something here?

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Where can I find that databank? I can't seem to find it in the Public Demo. I'm having a hard time on a room in future fragments and wanted to know if you would help me out.

It's room P3M2, and I see people saying they were having a hard time on the room before that but this one is much future fragments public demo confusing to me. And I killed the grunt and he doesn't come back so if I was supposed to use him to escape, am I just future fragments public demo

public future demo fragments

Also, new demo for all three games in less than 24 hours!

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